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Should You Consider Mexico for Your Honeymoon?

Mexico??? for a HONEYMOON?


As a (free) honeymoon expert I so often feel like Mexico gets overlooked in regards to a honeymoon! (SUBMIT AN INQUIRY HERE)

I hear it every day ~ “we want somewhere more exotic” “we have been there before” “we don’t want a spring break crowd”. All of these are valid BUT I also feel like they hold you back from truly luxury experiences.


Mexico offers such a diverse range of all inclusive resorts and resort only options - depending on the style you’re looking for.

And price vs. quality leaves me speechless.


You can spend $6,000 on a 5 star ultra luxury resort and spend double that easy in a location like St. Lucia!


If you’re interested in Mexico for your honeymoon - where should you start looking and what factors should you take into consideration?


•           PRICE: you do not have to empty your bank account on high end luxury - for example Unico 2087 is one of the best all inclusive adult only resorts in Riviera Maya. This property sits at about $5,000 with flights!

•           STYLE: boutique vs. large resort? Nightlife? These are all factors to consider in regards to the style because like I said ~ Mexico is SO diverse.

•           BUDGET: Don’t forget your budget goes a lot further here so if you have a higher budget, best be ready for some stunning resort options!


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