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How to Make Your Dream Honeymoon Affordable

Picture this: newly engaged, exploring honeymoon options, immediately feeling overwhelmed.

How will we pay for this? What is a good budget? How do we know we’re making the best choice?

If you relate: you’re in the right place! I am an expert NO COST honeymoon planner.


Planning a honeymoon is often overlooked or an after thought when getting engaged. Wedding venues, wedding dresses, bridal hair, bridal party, gifts, décor, photographers…(I can keep going) are all priorty in the brides mind.

Then your aunt hits you with the question at dinner one night “Where are you going on your honeymoon?” – and that is when the panic sets in. How can we pay for that, too?!

 As a honeymoon specialist who offers her planning service for FREE for my clients – that is where I come in.


I am able to find you the best possible options that fit your dream honeymoon ideas. Room views, décor, activites and excursions all catered to fit your dreams.


But my best advice?



For example – being modest:

My average honeymoon i

n 2024 is averaging $5,000

If you book your honeymoon twelve months in advance and you place a $500 deposit –

If you pay $200 a month for eleven months your balance will be well under half by the time of final payment!

This can ease the burden of large payments due around your wedding when all final payments are due.


Also, keep in mind, the arriving airport to your trip matter so little compared to the time spent together celebrating your union.

Focus more on the quality of the resort instead of the stamp on your passport if money is a factor. There are SO MANY affordable 5 star properties that will give you a honeymoon of a lifetime!


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