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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Finding your ideal spot sounds easy at first: then you google.

There is so much information and opinions that it is hard to narrow down on what exactly is BEST.

Here are my top 5 Honeymoon Destinations and WHY they are SO popular!


  • Cancun and Riviera Maya are very different from each other, but you will arrive in at the same airport!

  • Cancun is ideal for budget and beach! There are so many beach and snorkeling activities along side 5 star fabulous resorts that will not break the bank! Also - you are close to the Riviera Maya location as well!

  • Riviera Maya is filled with adventure and culture! Here is where you find the hikes, zip lining and exploring history!

  • The average Cancun Honeymoon is about $4k

  • The average Riviera Honeymoon is about $4.5k


  • Saint Lucia is a true gem!

  • Ideal for couples wanting a perfect balance of off the beaten path and all inclusive.

  • There are so many opportunities for a split stay - north and south differ SO MUCH!!

  • St Lucia also offers a great location outside of the hurricane belt (no thank you hurricanes!)

  • The average St Lucia honeymoon is about 6k with air


  • Home to one of one of my most favorite resorts (Secrets Cap Cana!)

  • Excursions of all types that are perfect for all ranges of couples (quiet, romantic, active, adventure!)

  • Easy location for flights - multiple nonstop destination hubs!

  • Price point is great for so many 5 star resort properties!

  • The average Dominican Republic honeymoon is about 4.5-5k


  • With having multiple islands to experience, Hawaii provides for a honeymoon with so much variety! City, Coastal, Historical, Adventure - everything!

  • The excursions in Hawaii are ideal for those that want a variety of experiences.

  • Ideal for those wanting to hop from one location to another - split stays are encouraged!!

  • All inclusive is NOT found here, but the dining scene is 6 STAR!

  • The average honeymoon in Hawaii is about 6-8k (more for split stay*)


  • Aruba but better~

  • Beautiful downtown, beautiful island!

  • Sightseeing and perfect for those wanting an all inclusive experience but also want to be able to dine out in town and truly experience the island

  • Sandals Curacao is a stunning property

  • Relaxation to the MAX

  • The average honeymoon to Curacao is about 6-7k

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