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How do I know which trip is right for me?

We will go over standard questions to narrow down the best location, room, and resort type that will fit all your wants and needs!

How do I find out about covid requirements?

When looking into locations you will be asked a series of questions, including vaccination status. Once I know your status we can go ahead and find the location that is best for your travel party.

Once decided on a location I will send you all information regarding Covid-19 policies, vaccination requirements, and keep you informed of all changes.

Do I need travel insurance?

Need? Not necessarily.

Want? YES.

Travel insurance is essential to easing the stress of your vacation / honeymoon.

I included CFAR- also known as Cancel for Any Reason - travel protection insurance. Therefore, you will be able to receive cash back for the trip if you choose to cancel. (usually around ~350-500 dollars).

If you do not want travel protection I can always remove, however, I believe it is important to include standard into everyone's budget!

How is your service free?

Very Simple!

The Resorts, Cruises or supplier pays me commission for sending YOU there!

Whether you use a small business like myself, book direct, or an online mega platform, the suppliers pay the same commission. However, when using a small business like mine, you are receiving personalized travel planning from the same individual, at no extra cost!

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